Healthy Eyes 101

Ep. 016: Q&A Session on Cataract Surgery with George Chioran, MD and Steven Suh, MD

August 02, 2020 Steven Suh, MD Episode 16
Healthy Eyes 101
Ep. 016: Q&A Session on Cataract Surgery with George Chioran, MD and Steven Suh, MD
Show Notes

On this episode Dr. George Chioran and Dr. Steven Suh answer the most common patient questions that are asked about cataracts and cataract surgery. 

  • What is a cataract and why do they occur? 
  • What symptoms do people with cataracts have? 
  • What are some other options before proceeding with surgery? 
  • How do the surgeon and the patient decide when the time is right for surgery? 
  • What do you tell patients who are going to have cataract surgery? 
  • Does insurance cover surgery?  
  • What are the risks of surgery? Can I go blind from cataract surgery?
  • What other things are needed before surgery?  
  • How is the cataract removed? Do you use a laser? 
  • Can you do cataract surgery on both eyes on the same day? 
  • What should patients expect at the surgery center or hospital? 
  • What is the intraocular lens implant made of? 
  • What are the different types of lens implants available? 
  • What should patients expect the day after surgery? 
  • What post-op care is necessary?  How many post-op visits? 
  • What restrictions are there afterwards? Do I wear a patch or shield? 
  • Do cataracts ever come back? 
  • Will the lens implants last forever? 
  • What kind of issues may arise after surgery? 
  • Will my vision change in the future? 

Here is a great link on cataracts and cataract surgery.

If you would like to see an actual cataract surgery narrated by Dr. Suh, please watch this video.

To find out more about Dr. Chioran and Dr. Suh’s practice, go to Comprehensive EyeCare of Central Ohio’s website or Facebook page.

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